Transition Planning and Career Coaching

Transition planning and career coaching is a life changing support for anyone who struggles with changing routines, cultures and environments in home, school or work. Change is a constant in today’s world and as your career coach, I will work with you to better manage life transitions and change by focussing on your innate strengths and building your confidence. Together, we will identify solutions to challenges you’re experiencing, research what cultures and environments compliment your skills and abilities, develop action plans, keep you motivated and accountable, as you navigate the transition to school, college or employment.

What can I expect to gain from Career Coaching session?

  • Greater clarity on a career pathway that is aligned with your values, needs and abilities
  • A step by step customised action oriented plan to achieve a successful transition
  • Better understanding of skill sets and competencies necessary to manage transition
  • Understanding from a professional who has vast experience in supporting people with diverse abilities to manage transitions
  • Continuous guidance, motivation and support from me as your coach

Who can Benefit from Transition Planning/Career Coaching?

  • Young people transitioning from school to college or college to world of work
  • Individuals who are challenged by change and transitions at any of life stages and want to carve out a new niche in life that brings greater well-being and contentment
  • Young people with diverse abilities who struggle and find it particularly difficult to cope with change due to implications of disability



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