My coaching experience with Mary has been a voyage of discovery. I was overwhelmed with anxiety and self -doubt which was affecting all areas of my life and work. Following the coaching sessions and weekly exercises, I now have a greater insight into my life and the confidence to face my challenges in a better way. She is a great listener and motivator and I would recommend life coaching to anyone at a crossroads in life

Female client, late 40’s

I met Mary for some support at a time when I was about to move to college. I am a student with a hidden disability. I was concerned about the transition and over the three coaching sessions she helped me develop an action plan to achieve my goals. I found the coaching sessions both challenging and fun and over time and this approach helped me identify my own strengths and abilities as opposed to looking at what I couldn’t do. Mary focussed a lot on helping me identify my preferred learning style and this was invaluable when I started college. Today, I have the skills to manage my studies and cope with college

Male client, 18

I contacted Mary for support when I was out of work due to stress. At the time I couldn’t think straight and felt a total failure. She helped me re –evaluate what was important to me and my wellbeing. I looked forward to our weekly coaching sessions and found her enthusiasm, motivation and belief in me a tonic at the time. She offered me loads of support and gave me weekly exercises to keep me on track and focussed as, I explored new work options. Each week I could feel my confidence growing as I learned to better manage my life and stressors. Today, I am employed in a totally different work area and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Mary for helping me re-evaluate my life and career options. I will be forever grateful for this support. Keep up the good work

Female client, 32