The Study Skills Training Programme is aimed at second level students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD/ADHD and students on the autism spectrum who may struggle with managing academic workloads. This programme is designed to help teenagers and young adults develop good study skills to successfully plan, prioritise and manage academic workloads and maintain a healthy approach to wellbeing.

Key Training Objectives

  • Understanding of preferred learning style
  • Develop enhanced memory and concentration skills
  • Improved organisation and time management skills
  • Enhanced ability to prioritise and plan study schedule
  • Increased ability to meet conflicting deadlines
  • Maintain a healthy approach to exercise, sleep, diet and general wellbeing

Who can benefit / Who is this training suitable for?

Students with specific learning difficulties and those on the autism spectrum who are challenged in managing the demands of meeting deadlines, coping with academic pressures, and experience poor organisation and time management skills. As a professional experienced in working with students at all levels across the educational sector I have in-depth knowledge and experience of the rudiments of learning and can assist student maximise their potential in educational environments



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