Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching is a specialist intervention where I use life coaching techniques together with my wealth of knowledge and experience from the fields of rehabilitation and disability to assist individuals cope in a more positive way with illness, injury, disability. As a recovery coach, I use a strengths based positive psychology approach to stimulate motivation, self -awareness and self –determination when working with clients. This approach facilitates self -empowerment, as individuals dig deep to cultivate positivity and determination to create a new pathway in life’s journey despite the impact of injury, illness and disability.

What can I expect to gain from Recovery Coaching

  • Greater self- awareness and self -acceptance
  • Deeper understanding of the emotional impact of injury, illness and disability
  • Better coping skills
  • A space to explore and build mental and emotional resilience
  • Exploration of options and supports to better manage implications of disability
  • A customised individual step by step action plan to achieve new goals
  • Professional guidance, support and encouragement at all stages of new pathway to success

Who can benefit from Recovery Coaching?

My specialist approach to Recovery Coaching can benefit Individuals who are in recovery from illness or disability and have had to take time out from school, college or work. As a recovery coach, I work closely with other professionals to ensure each individual has a holistic support structure and the necessary interventions to address specific challenges that may arise in the coaching process. Activation and inter personal communication is a central component of recovery coaching and I link and liaise with volunteering centres to explore customised work opportunities to help build confidence and self esteem again.



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