DARE Application Training

This training gives an overview of the DARE Application process and is relevant to DARE applicants and their parents/teachers so that all parties fully understand the DARE application process and the criteria that need to be met in context of each category of disability, illness, neurological condition or learning difficulty. DARE applicants must have professional confirmation and verification of disability, illness/condition and identify educational impact in order to meet eligibility criteria set by the DARE management in conjunction with Higher Education Institutions

Key Training Objectives

  • Clear understanding of the DARE application process
  • Knowledge of the professionals who can verify specific disabilities/ illnesses/ conditions and learning difficulties
  • Knowledge of the varying types of educational impacts and how they should be recorded by the school resource teacher and principal
  • Information on the dates and deadlines for each step of the application process
  • Overview of the supports available in Higher Education for all DARE applicants
  • Individual queries answered and explained

Who can benefit / Who is this training suitable for?

“Resource Teachers , Guidance Counsellors, parents and DARE applicants intending to make an application in 2020 can benefit from this training”



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