Autism Coaching

Autism Coaching- What is this? How does it Work?

In my coaching practice, I use specialist Coaching Interventions that enhance skill development and empowerment of young adults with Diagnosis of Autism

Example of Intervention: Challenging Negative Beliefs of the SELF

Many people on the Autism spectrum tend to be internally referenced. This means that they get more information from their own internal frame of reference rather than what they see, hear, or pick up externally. This in turn leads to thought distortions. A possible example; young person walks down the street and thinks other people look at him/her and judge them negatively  when there is no basis for  this thought pattern.

I use different coaching techniques to challenge these internal belief distortions that often lead to mal-adaptive behaviours if unchecked

Some Examples of Coaching tools that work with individuals:

  • Use of Journalling to identify negative thought patterns
  • Taking ownership of distortions
  • Reframing thought patterns
  • Use of  specialist coaching tools/exercises to reframe internalised  belief patterns
  • Use of Role play and practice of new belief systems

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